Split Systems

Perfect for cooling smaller spaces

Split Systems

Split system air conditioners are perfect for cooling smaller spaces, such as individual rooms within a home – or even smaller shops, restaurants and bars.Split systems are comprised of two units – one inside and one outside. The indoor section works to distribute the air, whilst the outdoor section performs the actual cooling function.Here at Metrocool, we specialise in split system air conditioners. We work with a wide range of leading brands, such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, Midea, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Hitachi – just to name a few.


There are many benefits to choosing a split system air conditioner, including:

 Less noisy – due to the fact that the ‘working’ part of the system is outside.
 Energy efficient – most split systems are relatively energy efficient, saving you money on your power bills.
 Affordable – they are cost effective to buy and install
 Quick to install – since the main section is outside, disruption is kept to a minimum.
 Sleek designs – the inside section of a split system unit is relatively small and streamlined.


These units not only regulate temperature, but can also provide ventilation and control humidity levels, ensuring you’re completely comfortable. As the air passes through the machine, it is filtered – removing airborne particles and allergens. While some split systems are ‘cooling only’, some are ‘reverse cycle’. Reverse cycle split systems are more than just an air conditioner, as well as keeping you cool in summer, they double as a heater in winter.

In addition to supplying and installing a unit, we can also carry out repairs if necessary. Our technicians carry all of the common parts for most leading brands, allowing them to rectify issues on the spot for complete convenience.

If you would like to find out more about split systems – or have one installed – contact the experts at Metrocool today!