Sales & Installs

Thinking about getting a new air conditioner? The team at Metrocool can help!


Our qualified, experienced technicians are equipped to carry out installations – meaning we truly are your one stop shop when it comes to both residential and commercial air conditioners.

We place a great level of importance on high quality workmanship. When it comes to installations, we make sure that all systems are installed correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures that your system works efficiently, and reduces the chance of breakdowns and other issues in the future.

At Metrocool, we also strive to offer the best possible customer care. We understand that most people are busy – in this day and age, everyone had somewhere to be and something to do. When installing residential units, we organise a time that suits your schedule for complete convenience. Our technicians turn up on time, and they’ll never leave a mess behind when they leave – just a perfectly installed air conditioning unit.
When it comes to commercial installations, we understand that downtime needs to be minimised. We will work around you – and since a lot of units are at least partly installed outside, you’ll barely know we’re there. Depending on the unit we’re installing, we’ll be in and out in no time!

If you are looking to buy a new air conditioner, contact Metrocool – your supplier and installer of choice.


Whether you need a small split system for the bedroom, or a large-scale system for the office, we have a unit to suit. We cover all the leading brands.